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About Us

The Stocktakers' Institute of Australia is an association of independently owned professional stocktakers providing a wide range of services and located throughout Australia.

This site offers information on the range of services offered by Australia's leading stocktaking and inventory services suppliers together with links to their web sites and other associated services.

The aim of SIA members is to keep pace with rapidly progressing technology, including the use of barcode scanners, while at the same time, providing qualified human resources for the performance of highly labour intensive tasks including counting and valuing your stock.

The SIA was formed in December, 1998 with a view to setting higher industry standards associated with the provision of stocktaking and related services to business, government and institutional clients.

Our Code of Ethics ensures that our members maintain the reputation of providing high quality services with integrity and reliability.

Once the burdensome obligation of every business, stocktaking has become a highly specialised and fast growing service industry sector now recognised by most progressive businesses and institutions.

The importance of selecting dependable and qualified stocktaking practitioners cannot be over emphasised. Make sure your stocktaker is an SIA member.